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Associations & Organizations
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ACR Electronics EPIRBS and other safety equipment.
Aiphone Intercom systems.
Accu-Steer High performance hydraulic control of steering systems for yachts and commercial vessels.
AmbientNav Rugged marine computers and monitors. (New name for Compact Designs company).
Analytic Systems Inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, DC-DC converters.
Balmar Manufacturers of quality high output alternators, intelligent regulators and other charging solutions. Also DC Gensets and watermakers.
Baron Services Creator of Baron QuikLink Service; delivering global, low-bandwidth weather and sea-state data to your boat using your onboard Internet connection.
Big Bay Technologies Marine computer solutions. Fixed and laptop PC's, wide variety of displays.  Value pricing.
BroadbandXpress Enjoy high speed secure WiFi access. The BroadbandXpress Network covers over 100 marina and harbor locations in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Canada, and Alaska. Sign up for 1 day, 3 day, weekly, monthly short term plans with no commitment. Or one of the longer term plans.
C-MAP Cartography cartridges. 
Charles Industries Chargers, on-board intercom/phone systems, and more.
Comnav Autopilot systems, marine monitors, marine computers, GPS Satellite Compasses, Class A and B AIS systems.
Datamarine Quality depth - speed - wind - cartography electronic instrumentation.
Digital Antenna High quality marine antennas, cellular amplifiers and cellular repeater systems.
Edson Steering systems, and MANY accessories for sailboats, and more.
Fireboy FE-241 clean agent fire extinguisher systems.
FLIR Systems Manufacturer of advanced thermal imaging camera systems. With thermal imaging, you have the ability to see in absolute total darkness, through light fog , and smoke. See obstructions, buoys, and other vessels. 
Floscan Fuel flow monitoring systems. Simply the best!
Furuno Highest quality marine electronic equipment of all types.
Garmin GPS receivers, mapping products, and more. High reliability, easy to use.
Glendinning Automatic engine synchronizing controls, electronic engine controls, shore power cable storage systems, and more unique yacht accessories.
Globalstar Globalstar provides simple, dependable, affordable global satellite-based personal telecommunications.
Globe Wireless Provider of reliable H.F. radio communication services.
GreenMarine Technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, LED backlit marine monitors and computers at ground-breaking price points.
Guest Battery chargers, spotlights, and lots more.
Horizon Vhf radios, instruments, and more,  commonly known as Standard Horizon Marine Electronics.
Icom Quality radio communication equipment. Popular SSB radios for HF EMAIL operation have rugged transmitters rated at 100% duty cycle.
Intellian Advanced fast acquisition Satellite TV Antenna Systems, and Satellite Communications Antenna Systems.
Interphase Unique underwater scanning sonar instruments, marinized computers, and more.
Iridium World wide satellite communications.
ITT Night Vision Affordable quality night vision instruments. These are the "light amplification" type units.  (For "Infrared" heat detecting type night sight equipment see FLIR, listed above).
JRC America High quality, outstanding design, and so affordable, JRC marine electronic equipment.
Jensen Marine stereo equipment. Jensen was purchased by Audiovox. This link will take you to the Audiovox web site.
King Controls Manufacturer of Sea King Marine satellite TV tracking antennas. Innovative features like no cable inside the dome (no "cable unwrap" needed!), single cable installation uses just 1 single coax cable to the antenna. Low cost! Fast!
Koden America Professional Marine Electronics since 1947.
KVH Quality automatic tracking satellite TV antenna systems, satellite communications systems, electronic gyro compass, and more.
Lowrance Popular LCD fishfinders, chartplotters, GPS, radar.
Magnum Energy Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/chargers for Mobile and Renewable Energy applications. Unique, advanced and reliable designs.
Maretron Leaders in design and manufacture of NMEA 2000 network technology products. From Solid State Compass, Weather and GPS Sensors, to Engine Monitor Interface and Digital Information Displays, and the cabling and connectors. NMEA 2000 network allows different manufacturers to connect to the backbone and share information, all interconnected on a single data trunk cable. 
Marine Lightning Protection Marine Lightning Protection, Inc. specializes in lightning grounding in the marine environment. Founded in May 2001 as a commercial vehicle for supporting the design, fabrication and installation of grounding components and systems utilizing recently discovered new science and technologies. Marine Lightning Protection, Inc. is at the forefront of both the basic science and product development
Marine PC Totally waterproof sunlight viewable LCD monitors and Ruggedized DC computers for marine use.
Mastervolt World class Power equipment and components, from inverters, chargers, and alternators, to generators, batteries and networked power distribution systems. Mastervolt has it all! 
Mathers Controls Electronic engine control systems.
Maximum Highest quality home weather instruments, PC weather monitoring & statistical software.
McMurdo McMurdo and Pains Wessex are renowned as world leading manufacturers of advanced marine products. Together bringing you an exciting range of the very best quality, approved, emergency location equipment for every type of vessel from passenger liners and fishing boats, to yachts, powerboats and dinghies.
Morad Commercial quality antennas.  SSB, VHF, for on-board and base station.
Navionics Vector cartography cartridges.
Newmar Battery Chargers, power supplies, and every imaginable installation accessory.
Nobeltec Manufacturer of the very popular full featured Visual Navigation Suite and Admiral navigation software.
Noland Engineering NMEA data interfacing devices such as multiplexers and expanders.
Northern Lights Generators This link takes you to Alaska-Diesel Electric, distributor of these reliable generators.
Northstar Top of the line quality GPS and chartplotter equipment.
OceanLED LED underwater lights from the most technologically advanced underwater lighting company in the world!
Paxcom Marine Computers Most reliable marine computer there is! This is our favorite! Advanced design using patented liquid cooled processor (Integrated Cooling Engine) provide years of trouble free operation. Low cost!
Perko Marine hardware, spotlights, electrical, and much more.
Pioneer This takes you to their consumer electronics site, stereos, TV's etc.
Poly Planar Full line of waterproof marine speakers, and "low magnetics" shielded speakers to prevent interference with ships compass. Also unique marine stereo systems.
Raymarine Full line of quality marine electronics.  We are a qualified "Premier Servicing Dealership" and also a "Certified Installing Dealer" for Raymarine.
Ritchie Full line of compasses, magnetic card and electronic types, and other accessories..
Rose Point Navigation Manufacturer of the innovative Coastal Explorer navigation software for your PC.
Scanstrut Installation solutions for marine electronics. Radar mounts. Satellite antenna mounts. Instrument mounts.
SCS (Special Communications Systems) The creative genius that developed the amazing Pactor, Pactor-2, and Pactor-3 radio modulation protocol, and manufacturers of the SCS PTC-II, PTC-IIpro, PTC-IIex, and the new PTC-IIusb modems.
SEA High quality American made HF SSB, VHF, satellite communications, GMDSS consoles and more.
Sea Recovery Water makers.
SeaTel On-board automatic tracking satellite TV antenna systems.
Seaview by PYI Complete line of Radar Mounts and Satellite Mounts for marine electronics
Seaward Marine appliances, hot water heaters, stoves, etc.
SGC SSB radios, antenna systems. They make the versatile "Smart Tuner", a HF antenna tuner that can work with both Marine and HAM HF radios.  Doesn't require any specific controlling signals from the SSB radio.  Just feed it 12v and some RF and it does it's thing.
Shakespeare Full line of marine antennas.  We have been a dealer for Shakespeare for decades, we stock most of their products here at Rodgers Marine Electronics.
Simrad Advanced technology fishfinders, chartplotters, radars, instruments, and their autopilots are the greatest.... they automatically learn the steering characteristics of your boat giving excellent performance.
Si-Tex Full line of innovative marine electronics.
Skymate Wireless Skymate is a easy to use, reliable, low cost satellite communication system. This unique system allows email messaging, receiving weather forecasts, boat monitoring, automatic position reporting, messages delivered by FAX and voice, and much more. Check it out!
Standard Horizon Quality value priced marine electronics.
Starpath They have great training software, for learning weather, radar, and much more. Now you can checkout interactive product demos over the internet!  Go to 
Sure Power Industries Battery charging isolators.
Tacktick Unique wireless instruments for the boat. Self powered, waterproof, easy to install.
Telular Corp. Cellular phone systems for boats.
Trojan Battery Quality deep cycle batteries.  Our choice for use as house bank to supply inverters.
U-Line Corp Ice makers and more.
Uniden Manufactures CB radios, depth finders and marine VHF radios.
Vesper Marine Vesper Marine manufactures outstanding innovative marine safety products which use AIS (Automatic Identification System).
Walvac Built-in vacuum cleaner systems for yachts.
Wave WiFi Mobile WiFi products for internet access on the boat that are reliable, very user friendly, and powerful.
Wesmar Bow thrusters, scanning sonar systems, commercial caliber fishfinder systems.
WLO Radio HF radio service providers.  Voice, data, e-mail, and other services. Now named ShipCom LLC.
Wood Freeman Autopilot systems.
WxWorx WxWorx system offers detailed continuous weather information delivered to the boat via XM Radio satellites!
Xantrex Xantrex builds advanced power electronics, enabling delivery of electricity anytime, anywhere. Parent company of Heart Interface, Trace Engineering, and Statpower.
Xintex Fume detector systems.

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Associations & Organizations

ABYC (American Boat and
Yacht Council)
ABYC researches, develops, reviews and publishes manufacturing and service standards for the boating industry. They aim to make recreational boating safe! We are a member of ABYC.
ARRL (American Radio Relay League) The organizational voice of the Amateur Radio community. 
National Lightning Safety Institute EVERYTHING about lightning is here.
National Marine Electronics Association The NMEA is the organization that created the popular equipment data interface standard, "NMEA 0183" and "NMEA 2000". NMEA also is the creator and administrator of the CMET (Certified Marine Electronic Technician) program. We are a member of NMEA.
Sailmail Association E-mail via marine SSB radio. Sailmail is great way to go. Their web site has a well written collection of articles that fully explain every facet of the Sailmail association and how their e-mail radio system works.  We highly recommend Sailmail.

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Reference information

Interactive Weather Information Network IWIN  by the U. S. National Weather Service is a excellent page to get all facets of current weather information.  It has everything from local, national and world weather conditions, to animations, audio and video feeds and current active warnings for Floods, Special Marine, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornados and Winter storms.  One of the best weather sites I've seen.
NOAA Space Environment Center Here you can get the latest "solar forecast", like those you hear on WWV,  the radio voice of the National Bureau of Standards.  These messages help us to know what the quality of long range radio communications is likely to be. This link takes you to the web site of NOAA's Space Environment Center.  This is a fascinating web site.  You can go to the home page by clicking the link to the left. To go directly to the page that has the WWV solar / geophysical forecast (updated every 3 hours) click HERE.
How Stuff Works This is such an outstanding site, I can't give enough praise.  Topics on just about everything, even on things you'd never imagine asking about! Highly entertaining and educational. We highly recommend it.
Sunspots and the Solar Cycle You know that sometimes your SSB radio "gets out" better than other times.  Do you want to learn more about that?  Propagation of your radio signals is profoundly affected by our Sun and SUNSPOTS!  This is an excellent site to learn all about it.

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Canadian Coast Guard Home page for the Canadian Coast Guard.
Federal Communications Commission The link name says it all.
ITU International Telecommunications Commission ITU is the world wide governing authority on designating what radio frequencies are used by who.
U.S. Coast Guard Home page for the U.S. Coast Guard.
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center Home Page This is a good information site.  Has the status of GPS system, DGPS beacon transmitters, and tons more.
U.S. Customs Service Find out everything about U.S. Customs
U. S. Dept of Homeland Security Home page of the new agency Department of Homeland Security.

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