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November 15, 2007 Click here to see article written by Timothy Jenkins that appears in the December 2007 issue of Fresh Water News titled "Introducing SPOT, The Ultimate Outdoor Satellite Messenger." 

November 1, 2007 Click here to see article written by Timothy Jenkins that appears in the November 2007 issue of Fresh Water News titled "Automatic Identification System (AIS) for Ships is a Lifesaver for Yachtsman." 

June 15th, 2005 USCG changes 12 MHz Weather Fax Frequency  The US Coast Guard has once again changed the 12 MHz frequency used for transmitting Weather Fax images from it's Pt. Reyes, California transmitters. The old assigned frequency was12730.0 kHz was changed last year to 12590.5. Now this year the new assigned frequency is 12786.0 kHz. Remember to subtract 1.9 kHz to determine the carrier frequency (the new carrier frequency is 12784.1 kHz). Most marine radios need to be set to USB mode and tuned to the carrier frequency to receive correctly. The US Coast Guard Marine Communications web has been updated. Also on this date the schedule of transmissions has been changed also. Click here to download the World Wide Weather Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules, updated on June 15th, 2005. (Update, Schedules document updated again on May 5, 2006).

November 15, 2002 US Coast Guard issues important safety alert. The Coast Guard has learned that certain defective consumer-electronics-grade active VHF/UHF marine television antennas are causing major interference to GPS reception. The interference may be realized as a display of inaccurate position information or a complete loss of GPS receiver acquisition and tracking ability. The interference is not limited to the GPS equipment onboard the vessel with the installed active marine television antenna. There have been reports of interference occurring on other vessels and installations operating up to 2000 feet away from vessels using such antennas. Certain models manufactured by TDP (Tandy Distribution Products) Electronics, Radio Shack Corporation, and Shakespeare Corporation have been identified during investigations of GPS interference. Click here to read the Safety Alert report from the US Coast Guard (updated 12/16/02). To learn more, read an article titled "The Hunt For RFI - Unjamming a Coast Harbor" published in GPS World magazine January 1, 2003.

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